Specializing in more than just vehicles

 our commitment goes beyond just car rental. Trust Nedd’s Rentals & Services for a comprehensive range of services tailored to suit your needs.


Grenada Tour Bus Services

Whether you’re organizing a journey with family, friends, or a group, our roomy 27-passenger bus is ready to cater to your needs. Embark on an island tour or excursion with our amiable and well-informed team of chauffeurs, representatives, and hostesses. Discover the enchanting wonders of the island with Nedd’s Rentals & Services, including our lush forests and gardens, picturesque beaches, historic estates, national parks, and breathtaking waterfalls.

Crane Truck & Cherry Picker Rentals

Explore our crane truck and cherry picker rental services in Grenada. Whether you’re a contractor, homeowner, or business owner requiring this specialized machinery, our competitive rates and flexible rental schedules establish us as the top choice in Grenada. Facilitate the movement of heavy materials and provide your workers with secure and convenient access to elevated construction areas using our contemporary and well-maintained equipment.

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Interior & Exterior Care Services

Elevate your vehicle’s aesthetic appeal with our expert cosmetic interior and exterior services. Consistent maintenance not only safeguards your car’s visual appeal but also secures your investment, ensuring your vehicle maintains a high resale value. Utilizing our efficient speed clean system, we wash, wax, and buff your car, restoring it to a pristine condition that gleams like a brand-new vehicle.

Key & Lock Solutions

In the event of lost keys, we streamline the process of changing lock combinations with minimal hassle. By utilizing your system’s control key, we easily extract the core, insert a new one, provide you with new keys, and update your records. This procedure eliminates the need for lock disassembly or costly international service calls.

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Automotive Maintenance & Rust Prevention Services

Fluctuating weather conditions can contribute to rust formation on your car’s exterior. As part of our comprehensive car care package, we apply a rust-inhibiting compound to the interior joints and surfaces where moisture tends to accumulate. Additionally, our well-equipped auto mechanic repair shop provides a range of services, including engine rebuilding, suspension repairs, front and rear axle repairs, and exterior refinishing. In our collision body shop, skilled auto painting technicians are available to eliminate chips or scratches and enhance the overall paint job. Count on us to turn your repair experience into a positive one and have you back on the road swiftly!

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