473-440-5599 Grenada, 416-628-8832 Canada

Term & Condition

*Unlimited Mileage
*24 Hours Daily Rental Period
*Free Delivery & Pickup Services
*Insurance Deductible $1,125.00 US
*Local temporary drivers permit required by ALL Renters-$24.00 US
*OECS and CARICOM states exempted in purchasing temporary drivers permit
*Value Added Tax at 15% applicable
*Charges are subject to change

Extensions of Rental

If you wish to extend your rental, we will be happy to accommodate your request, if possible. All that is required is for the renter to contact us after leaving the facility to inform us of your proposed date and time for the rental period to be extended. Additional funds must be available on your credit or debit cards to cover the rental time requested. Cash renters must make an additional payment for deposit at Nedd’s Rental & Services facility. In the event, funds are not available, or payment cannot be made, a request for extension will be denied, and the rental vehicle must be returned on the original return date and time.

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No Show Policy

Reservations are valid and honored for up to two hours after the requested pickup time. If the vehicle is not picked up within two hours of the requested pick-up time, your reservation status will be changed to a ‘No Show’. We ask that you contact us if you need to change the pick-up time of your requested vehicle to avoid any problems.

Credit and Debit Card Use

The renter must present a credit or debit card in their name with sufficient available funds on the card. If the credit or debit card presented is in someone else’s name, Nedd’s Rental & Services will not be able to rent the vehicle to you. This also applies to spouses. This policy is in place to protect the credit debit card holder.


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