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Nedd’s Auto Rentals & Services provides you with reliable transportation to enjoy our beautiful island Grenada, see puregrenada.com .We are a family-owned and operated enterprise, and it is our philosophy of making customer service our number one priority that has allowed us to see over 23 years of success. Our attention to the care of our customers and our fleet of vehicles has earned us a network of repeat customers. We are one of the largest car rental agencies in Grenada, with great prices and excellent services, providing the best value for your money possible.

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Grenada is home to beautiful beaches, waterfalls, lakes, and rainforest areas, along with cultural festivals throughout the year. If you’re visiting us for a getaway, we’ll give you the transportation you need to enjoy everything this area has to offer. Contact us to make a reservation or schedule a service today.

Kia Picanto

Our latest addition Kia Picanto 2014 is a tiny yet a huge car. The stylish car can be your best friend in Grenada and amaze you with its dynamic features and comfort. You will feel much more confident driving the Picanto and luxuriate in your journey with the steering wheel and audio system. So, even in Grenada you can put your sporty side on exhibit and enjoy the vacation to the fullest.

USD 45 per day


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